Photographing Maine- a lesson in exposures

October 7, 2012

Levi in his highly-stylized, vintage-looking living room

I’ve always wanted to visit Maine. I’ve heard so much about its wild coastline, the foliage and lush forests, seen many (many…) pictures of the turning leaves and the beautiful coves and really wanted some pictures of my own. So, when I was hired for a job in Los Angeles I decided it was a great excuse to make a side trip and go visit in Maine. Levi, my former roommate from school, a close friend and an incredible creative, lives in Camden- a quiet little beach town that gets a lot of tourists in the high season. It wasn’t that busy when I visited in spite of the Camden International Film Festival that took place over the weekend.

The first picture I took of Levi was underexposed, but I really liked it. So I opened up the shadows and increased exposure in Lightroom, which brought on a lot of noise. I played up the noise and turned it into grain and made it B&W to suit the overall feel.

The day I got there Levi introduced me to town- lots of art and artists, nice vibe, pretty wooden houses and somehow it seemed that an invisible hand takes care of all the yards daily. The docks posed a few photo ops and some challenges: trying to measure exposure is difficult in the shade when white surfaces and deep shadows live side by side. I overexposed because I didn’t want to loose detail and while correcting in Lightroom, the typical cyan cast gave the pictures a look really liked.

Camden docks

Camden docks

Day two started with a hike to a great lookout over town. Dark trees, sun in the sky- HDR was the natural choice to shoot this one.


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