Le Grande Cochon

Rwanda, known as the “Land of a thousand hills”, was considered dead 19 years ago, after witnessing the fastest genocide in the history of mankind. Nowadays, Rwanda is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa, taking giant steps into a better future of reconciliation, education and growth. I will take you into the heart of this torn country, from the dark past to the optimistic present, seeded with tea and hope. We’ll meet characters such as Anastasy the cobbler, the orphans from Bukomero and Matias the prisoner. We’ll learn of the deep connection Rwandans have to the story of Jews in the 20th century through the eyes of Aaron, a genocide survivor, and Jean Paul, who has decided to dedicate his life to saving Rwandan orphans. The lecture will be accompanied with photos from my traveling exhibit by the same name and videos documenting the trip.