fisherman's daughter

The state of Sonora, Mexico, went out of favor in recent years due its dubious reputation: drug smuggling into the U.S. to its north, the dwindling of marine life in the Sea of Cortez to its west and one of the most brutal drug cartel wars the world has ever seen to its east and south. All of these did not deter me from traveling and living there for a while, studying its charms and mysteries. I stayed in a little fishing village in the middle of the state, which was a microcosm of what was happening in the state (or its Mexican soap opera version, rather): Vaquero (“The Cowboy”), a former drug trafficker turned fisherman; Jaime, the village’s best educated man and his familial affairs; Gary, a former american stunt biker, and other colorful and fascinating characters. Using photos and short videos, I will take you into the private world of the people of El Desemboque, with whom you’ll laugh, cry and mostly- get swept away with the stories.