Lecture list


A Walk of the Land- The Israel National Trail


A personal crisis invoked by the 2014 war in Gaza has motivated me to set out on a two and a half months journey through the Israel trail. The 700 miles long trek is world-renowned as one of the world’s best and toughest long distance hikes. I’ll be taking you with me to experience Israel outside of the headlines and the friction and to hear first hand about my physical and mental journey from despair to a newly found hope. The people, the national monuments, the mountains, the creeks and the Israeli…

The Little Boss

A Travel Photographer’s Diary


I will take the listeners on an hour and a half long journey over four countries and many stories. The lecture will focus on pictures that represent these places and through stories, photos and videos I will share the events the led to those captured moments. The lecture is an entertaining mix of fascinating visual stories, anecdotes about photography and enriching geographic knowledge. We’ll hop to Mexico, Rwanda, Mongolia and Nepal during a lecture that was described as “breathtaking” by its listeners!    

Le Grande Cochon

Rwanda: The Re-Generation


Rwanda, known as the “Land of a thousand hills”, was considered dead 19 years ago, after witnessing the fastest genocide in the history of mankind. Nowadays, Rwanda is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa, taking giant steps into a better future of reconciliation, education and growth. I will take you into the heart of this torn country, from the dark past to the optimistic present, seeded with tea and hope. We’ll meet characters such as Anastasy the cobbler, the orphans from Bukomero and Matias the prisoner. We’ll learn of the…

man and ad

Photography and us


In this modern age, we are constantly bombarded with visual messages- some estimates claim an average person sees about 2000 images and ads a day! Are we aware of the unconscious visual messages that are sent to us with every image? How do advertisers and photographers use techniques taken from the Renaissance era to manipulate the viewer’s mind? Can we use this knowledge to our advantage when we have a camera in our hands? During the lecture we’ll discover how and why certain images were created the way they were and little…

fisherman's daughter

El Desemboque, Mexico


The state of Sonora, Mexico, went out of favor in recent years due its dubious reputation: drug smuggling into the U.S. to its north, the dwindling of marine life in the Sea of Cortez to its west and one of the most brutal drug cartel wars the world has ever seen to its east and south. All of these did not deter me from traveling and living there for a while, studying its charms and mysteries. I stayed in a little fishing village in the middle of the state, which was a…


Photography for travelers


Following the digital revolution and the significant drop in camera prices, photography has turned into an integral part of our world: we can’t even imagine a family vacation or a trip with friends without the constant escort of a camera. During the lecture I will share some professional photography techniques used by the best photographers in the world and convert them into simple rules that can be implemented by any photographer- amateur or advanced. The lecture is focused on the most common scenarios during a trip and takes into account the limitations…