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El Desemboque in Sonora, Mexico, is a tiny fishing village off the Sea Of Cortez. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of months there, getting to know the people and the place. As in small places, everybody knows each other, which leads to an astounding amount of drama and stories- one day I'll have to write a book about the place. On this specific day I was looking for the calmer side of the story: the hard daily work of the fishermen. Their work never ends, whether it's fishing, fixing nets, cleaning the fish, taking care of the boat and many other chores. At times I wondered if they don't get tired of the sea. Apparently, they don't. This fisherman, simply fixing a net, chose to do so right by the beach, listening to the soft whisper of the waves and smelling the salty air as he prepares for another hard day's work.

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