The Longer ShadowsA161
The Longer Shadows
I've heard so much about Death Valley National Park in California before I actually got to visit it. It was after a very difficult semester in photo school and a break was very much needed. I packed four (4!) cameras in the car, some food and camping gear and set out on a photo adventure. It was after a long time of not having time to shoot just for fun and it was an amazing trip. The park, which is the lowest and the driest place in North America, holds many stories of exploration and natural beauty that I could feel my soul lifted, letting out the artist in me. The mountains in the photo were shot as the sun began to set, saturating the colorful rock and creating fantastic shadows. The long shadows bring out the dimensionality in the picture. That, along with the many layers of mountains and hills of different elevations, give the three dimensional illusion that is so evident.