Play TimeA182
Play Time
I was sent to Rwanda to document the work of "The Global HOPE Initiative", an NGO that does very important work in many developing countries. I was there with a group of student volunteers and and when they left I had the time to do some photography at my own pace. The group worked with an orphanage in in Bukomero village and I went back to photograph the kids and their surrounding. One of them joined me for an afternoon stroll around the village and acted as my interpreter. At one point we found these two children, MUHIRE Patrick (left) and IMAMAIRAKIZA Jeturu playing outdoors, on top of a small tree. It was their Christmas vacation and they were taking a break from helping their mother, who was working at the field. It was very refreshing for me to interact with such innocence. They had no need for smart phones and fancy computer games- just the tree. Once done with the tree, they grabbed their few belongings and followed us around joyfully.

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