A frame within a frame within a frame- that's what I saw when I noticed this construction worker sitting comfortably on scaffoldings made of wood and cloth in Kinihira village in Rwanda. Throughout my trip there I was trying to look for images that would symbolize the state that the country is in: still picking up the pieces from the '94 genocide, yet moving forward at full throttle. The infrastructure of the country, like these scaffoldings, isn't very strong- it is a developing country, after all. It is crucial for building the country (or the house, for that matter), and supports it. Within that frame, there are people. The people of Rwanda, the workers, who are committed to build a better future for themselves. They don't have much (notice the shoes?), but they know it's up to them. And the last frame? That's us- the viewers- looking at the whole thing from the outside, within our frame of mind.

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