My Kind Of TownA168
My Kind Of Town
I'll be honest- I didn't know much about Chicago before spending some time there for a client. I'm usually not much of a city boy, but downtown's towering buildings, right on the edge of the Chicago river, the shimmering lights and the lovely bridges… I was hooked. It was winter and extremely cold. I was trying to take long exposures of the city light from a bridge- had my tripod set up and everything was looking well. However, the pictures were coming out blurry all the time and I couldn't figure out why- very frustrating. Until I finally realized: every car or subway crossing the bridge was causing it to shake slightly, so I was actually moving… I waited there for quite a while and had to time all my exposures so that no car passed while I was exposing- a very challenging thing to do, but it was certainly worth the wait.