Sand vs RockA36
Sand vs Rock
The Mesquite Sand Dunes are a must for any visitor to Death Valley National Park in California. I've heard lots about the park before I actually got to visit it. It was after a very difficult semester in photo school and a break was very much needed. I packed four (4!) cameras in the car, some food and camping gear and set out on a photo adventure. It was after a long time of not having time to shoot just for fun and it was an amazing trip. The park, which is the lowest and the driest place in North America, holds many stories of exploration and natural beauty that I could feel my soul lifted, letting out the artist in me. That morning I woke up before dawn, barely had time to brush my teeth and run to the car in order to get to the dunes before the sun does. There was chill in the air, but it didn't detract one bit from the sights I was witnessing: dunes and more dunes of bright yellow sand, tinted purple and blue with the early morning light. The mountains in the background stood in perfect rocky contrast to the soft hills and helped create the strong emotional impact of the image: soft vs hard, temporary vs constant, stone vs sand.

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