Story of a DuckA188
Story of a Duck
The most difficult thing in photography is telling a story with one picture. How can you even tell a story with no word? What is a story in photography? This obscure concept is the key to engaging viewers. Over time I've realised that, as in all art, I can't make the viewer see or think exactly what I intended. So this is how I define a story: making the viewer feel, think or build their own scenario based on the picture. That's it. If one of these things happens, it means that the picture triggered something deep inside of the viewer. And this duck? It's a Mallard striding across a walkway by the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. I thought of the old cliche "why did the chicken cross the road?". Other People told me it makes them think of the famous "Abbey Road" album cover. If it makes you think- I've done my job.

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