Sonoran SunsetA15
Sonoran Sunset
Nothing says "desert" better than cacti. Nothing says "The Sonoran Desert" better than Saguaro cacti. The picture was taken in El Pinacate, one of Mexico's exquisite national parks. It lies not far from the American border, in the state of Sonora, and somehow it manages to stay relatively unfamiliar. I was in a great hurry that evening to get back to my campsite- after all, it's not that great setting your tent out at night in Mexico, when it's time for snakes and scorpions to come out looking for food. However, this was too good to pass- the setting sun's colorful gradient in the sky and the cacti, lined just right for a photo. As I used a wide lens, you may notice that they converge a little toward the center, pointing slightly at the crescent moon.

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