New York buildings

Travel Photography

Photography is becoming more and more an inseparable part of people’s traveling experience- intensifying it and keeping it forever in one’s mind. It can become very frustrating when the pictures don’t properly portray the true nature of a place as we experienced or if they don’t capture the magic of those once-in-a-lifetime locations. This course is meant to be a big stepping stone for improving your travel photography skills: the understanding of the available working tools, proper preplanning, making the best out of every situation and developing a unique style. Travel photography is a multi-disciplinary field that requires an understanding of several different kinds of photography: nature, landscape, journalism, ethnic, street, food, etc. We’ll touch upon all of those, going into the theoretical (gear, storytelling, planning) and the practical aspects (when to shoot what, how to create rapport quickly, which lenses to use). The course includes 4 class sessions and 2 field sessions, each lasting 3 hours.