girl walking on the beach at sunset

Principles of photography

This course is meant to give participants all the tools they need to start taking excellent pictures. The course is constructed in a way that is concise and efficient, keeping in mind that participants should get as much value as possible for their time and money. The course is made of 5 weekly sessions, 3 hours each. The first two go through all the essentials of camera handling, leaving no knob unknown and no icon a mystery. All the important technical terms will be explained thoroughly (such as exposure, histogram, aperture, focus, sharpness, etc.). The third meeting will take place outdoors, where we’ll have specific assignments to perform to practice and demonstrate the principles taught in class. The fourth meeting would take us from the “how” to the “why”- how to see, think and perform as a photographer. We’ll discuss how to create a good photograph, learn about composition and how to approach a scene to maximize its impact. The last meeting will also be held outdoors and we’ll practice and combine all the knowledge we’ve learned so far. There will be homework (!) and each class meeting will begin with critique.