Yellow flower

Macro photography- a daily workshop

Join me for an exciting journey into the tiny world that lies underneath our feet- a world most people hardly ever notice! The workshop is part in class and part outdoors. At first, we will learn some of the “musts” of macro photography: how to approach it properly, how to focus and what to keep in mind when going macro. We’ll go over the main things that we must note, such as light behavior, extreme changes in depth of field and more. We’ll talk about the gear we could use, the gear we must use and the gear we’ll want to use if we want to create exquisite macro photographs. The second part of the workshop will be held outdoors, as we take the time to practice the things we’ve just learned about in class. Specific tasks will help us make the first steps into this exciting new world. After each one we’ll reconvene, discuss and draw conclusions. The workshop can be 3 hours long up to a full day.