Courses & Workshops

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Principles of photography


This course is meant to give participants all the tools they need to start taking excellent pictures. The course is constructed in a way that is concise and efficient, keeping in mind that participants should get as much value as possible for their time and money. The course is made of 5 weekly sessions, 3 hours each. The first two go through all the essentials of camera handling, leaving no knob unknown and no icon a mystery. All the important technical terms will be explained thoroughly (such as exposure, histogram, aperture, focus,…

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Travel Photography


Photography is becoming more and more an inseparable part of people’s traveling experience- intensifying it and keeping it forever in one’s mind. It can become very frustrating when the pictures don’t properly portray the true nature of a place as we experienced or if they don’t capture the magic of those once-in-a-lifetime locations. This course is meant to be a big stepping stone for improving your travel photography skills: the understanding of the available working tools, proper preplanning, making the best out of every situation and developing a unique style. Travel photography…

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Travel photography blitz- a daily workshop


Have you ever come back from a trip, showed your pictures to a friend and said “the pictures don’t show even half of what was there…” This daily workshop will take you from snapshot shooter to an amateur photographer in only 3 hours. You will learn a few secrets and some easy techniques that would instantly improve the way you see and capture the world. We will focus on two main things- how to think as a photographer and how to use simple camera functions to make a huge difference in the…

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Macro photography- a daily workshop


Join me for an exciting journey into the tiny world that lies underneath our feet- a world most people hardly ever notice! The workshop is part in class and part outdoors. At first, we will learn some of the “musts” of macro photography: how to approach it properly, how to focus and what to keep in mind when going macro. We’ll go over the main things that we must note, such as light behavior, extreme changes in depth of field and more. We’ll talk about the gear we could use, the gear…