Gay Play

May 29, 2012

I went to a play today, which is already cool. However, this play was performed by people who belong to a gay community center. It was written by them and inspired by their lives, which were, for the most part, pretty harsh. One guy (who considers himself a girl- excuse me for not getting…


Wedding Day

May 26, 2012

On a nice summer day in Georgetown in Washington DC, I stumbled upon these two beautiful ladies who were taking wedding pictures (before their wedding to each other, that is).

Jerry and the fire

May 25, 2012

Haven’t gotten a chance to share most of my pictures from Mexico. This is Jerry, one of the most interesting people I met while down there. He was warming up to a fire from a nylon net before another long day of fishing.

A good day with Sea Lions

March 6, 2012

Some days the universe just decides “today you’re going to have a great day.” Yesterday was one of them. Woke up to a dreary, windy morning and a day that was supposed to comprise mostly of sitting in front of the computer. In a swift turn of events, I found myself on a cruise boat going to San Jorge Island, a two hour sail from Puerto Peñasco. It’s nicknamed “Bird Island” because of the hundreds of birds that nest there, but it’s also home to a very large Sea lion colony (wikipedia says it’s the largest in Mexico!). As soon as we anchored and silenced the motors, the air was filled with the sea lions’ howling and barking, bird quacking and the the occasional wave. We got into kayaks and paddled around the colony. After a couple of minutes of paddling, every kayak had a group of young sea lions following it, playing in the water around it and puffing air every time it came up. They always remind me of Labrador puppies. They came almost within a hand’s reach and examined us, the funny creates with the long sticks in their hands, very closely. If we wondered a little too close to land, a bull would slide down to the water, explaining to us that this is his turf and we can hang out as long as we know our limits…

The Island is actually a small group of Islands

Stupid picture of me, but look- the sea lion are smiling at the camera!

Acrobat portraits

February 28, 2012

During the carnaval I met a very cool group of acrobats. The pictures look the way I felt about these guys…

Girls falling from the sky!!!

February 27, 2012

Yes, that’s why they have all those gorgeous Latinas– they just fall from the sky. Don’t believe me? Look:

They just all wait in this one location where girls fall and the rule is that whoever gets the girl’s left foot, gets to keep her…

So, it was Carnaval here as well. Not quite like Brazil’s, but still fun. Parade, floats, beauty queens and a little theme park with rides for the kids (that all the adults ended up using…). Enjoy the pictures!

Encounter with a scorpion

February 14, 2012

Went back to El Desemboque, the little village where I spend most of my time, and was preparing to make dinner. Right above me, in perfect stillness, was a small scorpion. It seemed friendly enough, but I didn’t feel very comfortable around it… The poor scorpion probably thought he would either be dead very soon or at least let loose, but little did he know that the guy who put him in the pot was a photographer…


I spoke to a hummingbird

February 11, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve written- a crashed website and travels got the best of me.

In this current trip in Mexico I’ve already had a few interesting encounters, but they all pale in comparison to the one I had on Thursday. I went to visit El Pinacate, an immense National Park with cool sand dunes and petrified lava flow. The universe smiled at me and I happened to visit during the first blossoming period the park has seen in the last 5 years! But that’s not all: I started my day with a sunrise over the El Elegante crater, taking pictures and listening to the silence. The sun came up, gave me some great HDR photo-ops (sorry, non-photo-geeks, not going to explain that one…) and I was taking my time. On my way back to the car I stopped to read one of the informative signs (and if you really wanted I could now tell you what a maar crater is, but I doubt that you do) and all of a sudden heard a very loud SWOOSH sound right next to my ear. It was like an enormous fly just went by. I look to the side and it’s a hummingbird. In the middle of the Sonoran desert, a little hummingbird was a foot away, staring back at me. It hovered in its place and tilted its head sideways, like dogs do when they’re curious.

“Hey,” it said, “what are you? I don’t I’ve seen something like you before.”

“I’m just a human, hummingbird,” I replied.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

It caught by surprise right there. “Well, it depends… There are…”

“Sorry! Got to run. I’m hungry and it’s going to get hot soon. Catcha’ later!”

It flew away, leaving me grateful for that 2 second talk we had and with a vivid mental image of staring at each other’s eyes, animal to animal, equally curious.

And now: pictures!




All good things

September 18, 2011

Just wanted to share some joy with the world because this past month has been pretty exciting in many ways.

First and foremost– I’m almost done with school. I’m on my last session and back in Israel, interning with an amazing photographer (want to get inspired? Check him out: zivkoren.com. Phenomenal work).

Second, before I left I had the privilege of having my work displayed in three different galleries in the school, all opportunities I’m very grateful for and that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Jesse Groves, Brooks’ gallery curator. The image to the right shows the lonesome child from Rwanda and the one below shows two nature images that I really like.





Shortly before I left, I was fortunate enough to have my own gallery featuring my Rwanda project.





Lastly, some good news I got this week: an Israeli travel magazine published my Rwanda story. I even got the cover!


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Playing with 1000 year-old technology

July 24, 2011

I’m taking a photo history class and luckily they made us do a little experiment at home: turn a room into a camera obscura. The projection that you see is the outside projected into the room through a little hole in the wall. Science is cool!


















Chris was sitting still on the fence outside!




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