A good day with Sea Lions

March 6, 2012

Some days the universe just decides “today you’re going to have a great day.” Yesterday was one of them. Woke up to a dreary, windy morning and a day that was supposed to comprise mostly of sitting in front of the computer. In a swift turn of events, I found myself on a cruise boat going to San Jorge Island, a two hour sail from Puerto Peñasco. It’s nicknamed “Bird Island” because of the hundreds of birds that nest there, but it’s also home to a very large Sea lion colony (wikipedia says it’s the largest in Mexico!). As soon as we anchored and silenced the motors, the air was filled with the sea lions’ howling and barking, bird quacking and the the occasional wave. We got into kayaks and paddled around the colony. After a couple of minutes of paddling, every kayak had a group of young sea lions following it, playing in the water around it and puffing air every time it came up. They always remind me of Labrador puppies. They came almost within a hand’s reach and examined us, the funny creates with the long sticks in their hands, very closely. If we wondered a little too close to land, a bull would slide down to the water, explaining to us that this is his turf and we can hang out as long as we know our limits…

The Island is actually a small group of Islands

Stupid picture of me, but look- the sea lion are smiling at the camera!

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