Monthly Archives: February 2012

Girls falling from the sky!!!

Yes, that’s why they have all those gorgeous Latinas– they just fall from the sky. Don’t believe me? Look:

They just all wait in this one location where girls fall and the rule is that whoever gets the girl’s left foot, gets to keep her…

So, it was Carnaval here as well. Not quite like Brazil’s, but still fun. Parade, floats, beauty queens and a little theme park with rides for the kids (that all the adults ended up using…). Enjoy the pictures!

Encounter with a scorpion

Went back to El Desemboque, the little village where I spend most of my time, and was preparing to make dinner. Right above me, in perfect stillness, was a small scorpion. It seemed friendly enough, but I didn’t feel very comfortable around it… The poor scorpion probably thought he would either be dead very soon or at least let loose, but little did he know that the guy who put him in the pot was a photographer…


I spoke to a hummingbird

It’s been a while since I’ve written- a crashed website and travels got the best of me.

In this current trip in Mexico I’ve already had a few interesting encounters, but they all pale in comparison to the one I had on Thursday. I went to visit El Pinacate, an immense National Park with cool sand dunes and petrified lava flow. The universe smiled at me and I happened to visit during the first blossoming period the park has seen in the last 5 years! But that’s not all: I started my day with a sunrise over the El Elegante crater, taking pictures and listening to the silence. The sun came up, gave me some great HDR photo-ops (sorry, non-photo-geeks, not going to explain that one…) and I was taking my time. On my way back to the car I stopped to read one of the informative signs (and if you really wanted I could now tell you what a maar crater is, but I doubt that you do) and all of a sudden heard a very loud SWOOSH sound right next to my ear. It was like an enormous fly just went by. I look to the side and it’s a hummingbird. In the middle of the Sonoran desert, a little hummingbird was a foot away, staring back at me. It hovered in its place and tilted its head sideways, like dogs do when they’re curious.

“Hey,” it said, “what are you? I don’t I’ve seen something like you before.”

“I’m just a human, hummingbird,” I replied.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

It caught by surprise right there. “Well, it depends… There are…”

“Sorry! Got to run. I’m hungry and it’s going to get hot soon. Catcha’ later!”

It flew away, leaving me grateful for that 2 second talk we had and with a vivid mental image of staring at each other’s eyes, animal to animal, equally curious.

And now: pictures!