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DC: week II

First week in DC over successfully, second week starting. In spite of the fact I still have a million things I need to do, I’m almost in tourist mode (which means I can just wonder around a take pictures). Got to just hang out with a couple of people I met while they were fishing and heard more about fishing than I’ve heard my entire life. Here are a few new pics from this week, while walking the city to my heart’s content:




Trying to keep it short…Arrived in DC yesterday morning and my excitement of being a tourist for a little bit was surpassed by the realization that I have to wait in the airport for three hours until the buses start running.

After getting unpacked and settled in the house I’m staying in, I went out to get acquainted with downtown a bit. My (very distant) cousin Anat showed me around and pointed out the cool places I’ll have to visit. Being a tourist rocks– just taking pictures cause it’s fun and the place is new and because I like taking pictures. I was the most excited about the metro– I love the fast trains, the waiting people, the loud annoying people, the pretty lady you’ll never see again… Just like it. You can have a look at some pictures from the last two days here:

Had to pass by the Nat Geo building to make sure I know where I need to go on the first day of the internship. I’ve seen the building several times in movies and on TV, so I got a little excited and decided to take a stupid touristy picture in front of it. I never do it, but I figured this time I’m allowed.

So, this is it: tomorrow is the first day of my internship with “Dangerous Encounters” on the National Geographic channel. Two and a half years ago I came to study in the U.S. for the mere chance itmight get me closer to NG and tomorrow I’m going to walk into the building. Happy days…