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Fiesta 2009


Once a year, Santa Barbara pretends it still belongs to Mexico and celebrates its mexican heritage (which today is mostly mexican food, mexican labor and mexican gangs). During Fiesta, the city puts on a mini carnival and people from all over Southern California come there to get drunk and happy.

A year and a half ago, when I was still living there, Tuca and Emily came to visit and drink. That was when I discovered I take much better pictures when I’m tipsy (although they tend to come out blurry).




Random girl

Tuca and Emily

It wasn't a truly good night unless someone gets arrested

Emily and the girls

Tuca and the beautiful light





Had to go to Phoenix to hang out in a hospital for two days for a stem cell donation. My very talented friend Jo came to take pictures while I was there, which was pretty cool. Feels funny being on the other side of the lens… Oh, and she also wrote funny captions.












Brooks NPPA chapter (if you don’t know what it is- google will tell you) organizes a shoot off every once in a while. I was lucky enough to win second place in the last one, so it’s probably a good time to share this image. It was taken at night using a 30 second exposure when I noticed a little constant wave by the Ojai hot springs.

Picture 1

The Scariest Future Scenario

I came across this video, that if I understand correctly, is for a company that’s going to make a type of glass that would revolutionize our lives.

So, in the future, our lives would be completely sterile. Everybody would be clean and happy, we would show no real emotions and everything around us would be as fake as our emotions. We would definitely not hug our spouse in bed (I heard you can get all sorts of diseases that way), but who needs human contact anyway? We would not be able to ever take a break from life, as our phones and internet would hunt us everywhere- even to the toilet. Our fruits would look like plastic (as if they don’t already do) and for some reason, our scrambled egg would look like soup. But the best is yet to come- consumerism would be in our faces all the time. Ads would target us on our phones, on walls and in the sky wherever we go. And we would like it. And it would look cool.

So if you’re looking for me the future, I’ll be on a deserted island.

Jamila Lotus- fiddles, drums and belly dancing

Phoenix Renaissance Festival

Spent the weekend with one of my best friends and his wife in Phoenix. Out of curiosity, we went to check out the Renaissance Festival that was in town. We didn’t have any expectations, so it was easy to be surprised for the best with some of the amazing performers: check out how bagpipes can actually be pretty cool…

Launched site

Finally, after much struggle and stress, there’s a website up. It still needs some fine tuning (and captions), but at least I can finally have a good answer for when people ask where they can see my work.

A Quick Hit in London (originally published Dec. 30, 2010)


That’s it for Rwanda. I’m back home, among family and friends (which, as you know, are the most important thing in life). Got a chance to stop in London to see the BBC Wildlife Nature Photographer of the Year exhibit in the Natural History Museum. I think I’ll have a picture there within the next 5 years. Yes,I will. There’s still snow on the ground and I was well underdressed. Don’t know what I was thinking. However, I know exactly what this girl was thinking- while standing in line in the freezing cold, wearing her little shorty shorts, she was checking her makeup. It’s all about priorities, right?







It’s pretty much the same image three times, but I really liked this dino.



Lastly, some subway fun…


Look! It’s me!