I am a travel photographer, speaker, teacher and artist.

I’ve always been fascinated by the secrets this world holds. Growing up watching National Geographic with my dad, it was always clear to me that when I grew up, I would have to do some exploration of my own. I’ve spent the bulk of the last ten years outside of my native Israel, and after several years of traveling, documenting and collecting stories from around the world, professional photography became the next step for me. Three years later I graduated with honors from the visual journalism program of the Brooks Institute of Photography in California. During my studies I interned with National Geographic Television and with world-renowned photojournalist Ziv Koren.

I am now back in Israel, documenting its varied cultures, people and natural beauty. Apart from my travel photography and commercial work, I take on activist projects and aim to make an impact with my photography as I believe that when done right, photography can bring forth great changes.

My work has been viewed in several exhibitions and published in magazines both in and out of Israel.